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For many practices and DSO's, recall really sucks. But it shouldn't suck...and we can help make it suck a whole lot less.

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RecallMax combines the best pieces of automation in patient engagement and recall management and brings an unconventional focus to the key drivers of appointment growth: Cancellation recovery, hygiene optimization and unscheduled treatement.

We are a shift in thought on how practices are growing organically and we want to help you shift yours. Schedule a demo today and lets see how our recall management protocols and processes can help you take advantage of missed revenue opportunities.

"A healthy recall patient base is critical to any dental services group/DSO regardless of size. Keeping patients you acquire is critical for efficient business growth and long term success. The RecallMax platform is a nearly instant upgrade for proactive patient communication and engagement, prioritizing and facilitating recall patient communication. RecallMax provides immediate return right out of the gate, and will continue to provide value indefinitely.

RecallMax is a must for any dental group: Immediate Return on Investment, rapid deployment, increased patient engagement."

Wade Hanchar, CIO MINT dentistry